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 Irish HeARTs 2013-14

Video Documentary 'We all Mourn.'

We all Mourn. Contemporary Dance Installation. Documentary. 16.33 mins. Choreographer Martin A. David. Producer Yvonne Coughlan.
DOP/Edit Maurice Supple. 

We all Mourn choreographed by Martin A. David is the part of Irish HeARTs that we feel took us on the greatest and grandest journey.  Video Documentary. 16mins. DOP/Edit Maurice Supple. We all mourn. Irish HeARTS; The Gathering-RSVP. Aug 2013.
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s 1969 book, On Death and Dying, and the five stages of grief outlined-denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance- was part of the research for construction of this contemporary dance installation. Live performances were programmed in Cork and Kinsale. 
We set sail November 2013 calling all artists, writers, performers, and community groups. The  project left the creative womb with the PREMIER of Irish HeARTS August bank holiday weekend 2014, so a Kinsale audience were the first to behold our bundle of joy. Like all newborns it caused many sleepless nights. Inspired by The Gathering Ireland, a national tourism initiative, which asks 'How do we bring more people 'home' to Ireland?' 
RSVP asks- What are we bringing them 'home' to? 
Our project explores Irish identity. What is Irish culture? 
What does it mean to be Irish today?
WE ALL MOURN; June 23rd. Choreographer Martin A. David and our 6 dancers  Sarah Cwojdzinski, Shirley Deane, Katherine Crowley, Yvonne Coughlan, Maria O'Donovan and Helga Deasy rehearsed, performed  and filmed the installation with RSVP and Blue Shed Productions on Cork and Kinsale streets, then finally on The Dock Beach (Castlepark) on Supermoon Sunday.

Musician John Baker played for the performance at The Dock Beach, Kinsale. Pic. John Allen.

We all Mourn. The Dock Beach. Inset Yvonne Coughlan. Pic. John Allen 

Martin A. David

Thanks to all at Sample Studios. 

Especially project co-ordinator Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín, and Project Liaison Katrina Foley.

We all mourn. Some moments from the finale. Video by Moira O'Brien.

                                             Chuck and Susie in sunshiny Kinsale. Pic. John Allen.
                                  Marie O'Donovan and Mark Cosgrave, braving the elements.

Questionable Taste centres around Mimi, Donna, Derek and Catherine, taking place at a catch up dinner of these four old school friends. As with these long standing friendships that are perhaps slightly past their best, the conversation is peppered with old anecdotes, shared in-jokes and more than a pinch of gossip about the other people in their friends lives. This particular bunch, 40 something 'Trendy West-Endies' (a particular breed of aspirational adult who live in the traditionally posh West End of Glasgow,fully embrace the feeling that to live outside of the world of independent bars, coffee shops and boutiques would be unthinkable, laughable even) are recognisable characters - I feel we all know someone like them (although, it is prudent to mention they are fictional characters and only very loosely based on life)

So over roast beef, masses of crispy roast potatoes and oceans of heavy red wine, the conversation meanders through intercrossing social and work lives - the gossip that Catherine's rogue husband Dougie McGuigan is returning to Glasgow is the subject of mixed feelings at the dinner table. We really get a sense of the shared history as they laugh away at the old times and exchange bitchy little biting comments about the state of each others lives. And so, the subject turns to Dougie's replacement in the day centre where Catherine and Donna both work: Kellie, a girl of 'Questionable Taste'.

A documentation of the 'rough cut' response night.

Addressing issues of stereotyping, ageism, and prejudice (including homophobia), I hope watching these slightly grotesque characters, hearing their opinions and deducing their values will cause us to ask questions about our own preconceived views of the people around us. It is to be hoped that the audience of this film will be in some doubt as to whom it is that is displaying 'questionable taste' and I am interested to see reactions for and against these characters. I'm really curious to see if this film translates to an Irish audience, and whether the characters and the situation is something that is recognisable in Irish life too. I have deliberately written in Glasgweigan vernacular, but am curious to see if this translates into another celtic culture.

SORTED LIKE; short film.
Director Stephen Broekhuizen.
DOP/Editor Ross Carey.
Producers Adam McCarthy and Yvonne Coughlan.
Casting Director Yvonne Coughlan.

Sorted Like rehearsal and production.


Harmony. Music Video. (Workshop) DOP/ Edit Moira O'Brien.
Friendly Ghost Films.

The Hidden world

The Hidden world-Performance poet Seán Maguire live, and also readings from The Hidden World of Poetry Workshops facilitated by Adam Wyeth, as part of The Gathering-RSVP
Live poetry reading installation.

T'ír na Nóg

T'ir na Nog, a conversation about Value, by Elaine Garde. You may choose to buy into this artist created currency. Earth Bonds; art or money.  http://futureorchardcork.com/
A mixed media Art piece by Artist Elaine Garde entitled 'Portal go dtÍ Tír na n'Óg' the conceptual piece is a limited edition of small packages containing maps, coins and currency notes. 
It is a challenge to understand what it is all about, 'but' says Elaine ' it is the mystery itself that creates the conversation, and that is what the work is about, a conversation about value in the world today.
Elaine suggests we look at things from a fresh perspective. It has been inspired by the international financial crisis and how this has impacted not only on our small national economy but on the reality of our personal lives. In the Irish psyche there exists a land of plenty, our very own Tír na n'Óg. The project is about finding our own way to this abundant place and the 'small package' provides the toolkit.

Chuck and Susie in sunshiny Kinsale. Pic. John Allen.
Marie O'Donovan and Mark Cosgrave, braving the elements.

We all Mourn. Pic. John Allen.

Sorted Like Gallery

We all Mourn. The Dock Beach. Pic. John Allen.

Inset  Sarah Cwojdzinski, Shirley Deane, Katherine Crowley, Yvonne Coughlan, Maria O'Donovan, Helga Deasy, Penny Hancock, John Baker.