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44B. The Easter Trail-Fota House and Gardens.

38. Halloween Events Kinsale

 Every October 31st Kinsale halloween parade starts at 4pm from the town park, it ends in the plaza at Temperance hall. Here is the 2014 video. DOP/Edit Maurice Supple. Producer Yvonne Coughlan. Fire Performance Artist Will Flannigan. Event co-producers Rosita Kingston and Yvonne Coughlan. 

Performer Will Flannigan. Kinsale Halloween Parade 2014. blue shed productions.

Kinsale Halloween Parade 2015. Spectator video.

Children's Halloween theatre. 2015.

Ghost Story. 6pm & 7pm, Starring Alma Kickham & Chris O'Flaherty.

Temperance Hall 31st October 2015 

5.30pm The Queen of Hearts and Wombolena Witch play games for the children.

The story-

Countess Darkness visits Kinsale. She is annoyed to find Jimmy impersonating her great, great, grandson Count Dracula. Halloween laughs and frights ensue, as these sparring characters argue the point of Halloween with their young audience. Halloween children's theatre in Kinsale. Aimed at age 3-9, but all ages love this fun-filled Halloween performance, with  Countess Darkness and Count Dracula. 

Riuchi performed a spectacular fire show for 2015.

20. Tales from the Halloween Crypt - October 2010

44. The Magic of Santa by Yvonne Coughlan. Fota House and Gardens-A Victorian Christmas Experience.

The Magic of Santa Jingle
Yvonne Coughlan

A delightful Victorian experience at Fota House this Christmas! In a traditional Dickens's tale, families joined Ebenezer Scrooge as he discovered the true meaning of Christmas on a magical tour through this beautiful Regency House. Fota House in association with RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) invited you to this cheery adaptation with characters such as the jolly Cook, representing the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, Belle the former love of Ebeneezer's life, and the delightful Mrs. Cratchitt to meet them in the drawing room before a visit with Santa Claus. Songs, storytelling and games and plenty of Elves to make sure the children left their wishes on the Wishing Tree!

This interactive experience of ‘The Magic of Santa’ at Fota House & Gardens provided a wonderfully traditional Christmas treat for all the family. Every child recieved a gift from Santa Claus and there were lots of seasonal photo opportunities throughout the house. This special Christmas event, gave families a unique experience, as they not only discover the house, but they become part of a cheery adaptation of the Charles Dicken's world famous Christmas story. 

December 2017 Fri 8th 5-8pm, Sat 9th 12-8pm, Sun 10th 12-8pm, Fri 15th 5-8pm, Sat 16th 12-8pm, Sun 17th 12-8pm. www.fotahouse.com

25. A Christmas Pageant-Lifetime Lab, Cork City library, Temperance Hall. 2010

24. Santa's Magic Market-Temperance Hall-Kinsale, Christmas. 2010

10. Santa's Christmas Comet;  Dec/Jan 2009/10 

Cosmic Christmas; Santa's Christmas Comet


Rocxanne Rad, Damien Punch, Kieran McCarthy, Livy Riordan, Seibhe Little. 

Pic. Dan Linehan; Examiner.

Writer/Director/ Producer Yvonne Coughlan. “Santa’s Christmas Comet.” Part of Cosmic Christmas, an event organised in conjunction with RSVP at Blackrock Castle  Observatory. 18th- 23rd Dec & Jan 2nd-3rd at 8pm and 4pm on 27th-31st Dec & 2nd Jan.