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RSVP; theatre, film, events, workshops.

We create art, nurture artists, and envelop & develop community.

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. 

Monday 10th May 2021, the FUND IT campaign is live!!! Very exciting times for Kevin Walsh and As I am. A super group single! Check out the dedicated page for


We're in the planning for Kinsale Arts Weekend July 2021! Something new is brewing...

Here are two of our wonderful artists from 2020, check out our Previous Work Page for more of RSVP's previous theatre news.

Caoilfhionn McDonnell, Stephen Wyley. Unfinished Portrait. KAW 2020. 

Pic. John Allen. 

WORKSHOP 26-29 March 2020 cancelled due to Pandemic/ RSVP and FIX in ART HUB look forward to making 2022 plans

For more about RSVP Workshops

Take link to Weekend Theatre workshops

Visit the beautiful West Cork town of Kinsale, or the fabulous cities of Thessaloniki, Greece, or Warsaw, Poland. Enjoy lunch and dinner in local restaurants Bed & Breakfast in local accommodation

*Professional video and Photographic documentation included with every package 

*10+ participants in a private weekend workshop. One month advance booking required. If you make the booking for your 9 friends, then you go free! Oh yeah baby, we reward ingenuity.  Taking bookings now for Summer 2022 now!!!!

To apply or get more info simply email rsvpireland@gmail.com and request 

  • Amateur Weekend Workshop application form
  • Professional Weekend Workshop application.

Film Workshops and Song Workshops also available, as well as Team Building Corporate Workshops, and School Special Workshops, each workshop is designed to specific group requirements.  Click here for link to further details.

Award winning unproduced script REGRET!

Regret is an award winning unproduced short film screenplay written by Yvonne Coughlan in response to an idea by her great friend and film making colleague Maurice Supple.  Our latest selection is at Best Global Shorts. Check out the REGRET facebook page or our Film/ Music Video web page or more about this project. 

"My hope for the story of this script is that it finds its way to someone, who hears its message in time to act on it, hence causing them to create a better life for themselves. That must surely be the grandest of all hopes for the writer, but I have no regrets in stating such lofty ideals." Yvonne Coughlan.

Award winning short film An Étude in Art!

So excited to see how our award winning film does at Wallachia International Film Festival in Romania this August and Kalakari Film Festival in India this May. Plus we are sending out all our best wishes to the team at Kalakari Fest, as they are also battling Covid disruption, but still working to keep the festival alive, stay safe!

"Our film goes out in the continued support of 'Cork Samaritans', with our hopes that someone who needs to, will see it at the right time, and make that call. Art is an exploration of life, just as this creator's life is an exploration of art.’ Yvonne Coughlan

Check out more of our Film/ Music Videos or Connections; Make a film in 4 days workshops.

We're in the planning for 

for a screening night! Kinsale Arts Weekend 8-12 July!

Its time for an RSVP screening night, but if you know us it won't surprise you to read the news that we're coming up with a fabulous new viewing experience for our audiences... yes, we will premiere a new short film especially for KAW!

As always, we're excited to engage you with our art!

European Capital of Culture
Elevis 2023! We're going back to GREECE!

Plus the European Parliament agreed on the European Commission's proposal to postpone the holding of the title of European Capital of Culture for Timișoara to 2023. 

We can't wait to share the news...

Firkin Crane First Friday Monthly Meetings (Zoom)

Moments of Wisdom is the pilot programme for a new Firkin Crane initiative created and hosted by the Chair of the Board Yvonne Coughlan. In this instance an established artist or dance industry professional is engaged in a structured conversation, programmed for 30 minutes of the regular monthly forums. The idea is to provide new or emerging artists with the opportunity to connect with someone, who has already traversed the difficulties of becoming established as an expert in their field. 7 May Dr. Breandán de Gallaí 

May Forum will also include a mini colloquium by Firkin Crane ReFramed Bursury artist Sara Hernandez, with her collaborators Ilse de Ziah and Valeria Vendetti. She will include footage of her research and have a Q&A session.

If you have a topic to suggest for Moments of Wisdom, or for meeting agendas, or to register for meetings, please contact the Dance Administrator Andrea Stapleton E: dance@firkincrane.ie

Monthly FORUM/ Quarterly TOWN HALL MEETING: On the first Friday of every month the Firkin Crane are inviting all Dance professionals and Dance and Movement Artists, as well as, ​T​heatre ​M​akers, and ​Community ​M​embers interested in the Venue, to join the online meeting forum.

The Board and Management want to understand  what Firkin Crane can do to support contemporary dance practice in Cork and beyond,  through this current crisis and into the future.​ Your voice needs to be heard, and Firkin Crane wants to be guided by what you have to say.
For a direct communication with the current Chair or the Board of Directors, Yvonne Coughlan, email rsvpireland@gmail.com   

National Campaign for the Arts (NCFA) Cork South West.

€25m additional funding announced for arts sector 

( Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 )


Check out the National Campaign for the Arts on our NCFA page.

We're thinking of all the team at Cork City Musical Society (CCMS) on World Theatre Day 2021...  March 27th.

We miss all of these fabulous people, so here's hoping they can get back on stage for a concert in the not too distant future. A little singing birdie tells us the next concert will be  LGBT and related communities conscious...

Contact us on social anytime!

  • "The opportunity to work with Yvonne and everyone at RSVP who made the Three Plays at Kinsale Arts Weekend possible was nothing short of a gift. In such uncertain times that seem..."
    Tadhg O'Rourke
    Actor. RSVP Presents at Kinsale Arts Weekend.
  • "In a period of time when the arts seemed to be withering I was so delighted to be offered such a different and inventive chance to perform. From start to finish Yvonne was pro..."
    Stephen Wyley
    Actor. RSVP Presents at Kinsale Arts Weekend.
In a period of time when the arts seemed to be withering I was so delighted to be offered such a different and inventive chance... More companies should be thinking of productions in this manner. Thank you everyone for such a unique experience.I loved it! ! 
17 Sept. 2020 Stephen Wyley. Actor. RSVP Presents...
Check out our Testimonial page for more.

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