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The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. 

Embrace the World by Kevin Walsh - Award winning Music Video

Kevin's single reached 


on release. 

Now the music video is winning awards. 


Rome Music Video Awards.

Best Female Director 

Yvonne Coughlan. 

(inset Yvonne with actor Roy O'Connor & Vocalist/ Social Media Mngr. Lisa Curran at live streamed launch event.) 

Special thanks: DOP Maurice Supple. Editor David Leen. Joan Denise Moriarty School of Dance. All the Cast and Crew!

Especially the Vocalists, Emma Langford, Ger O’Hanlon, Lisa Curran, Molly Lynch, Rebecca Houlihan, Stephen Gormley, Caroline Kay and Mark Daly. 

Click the link for our dedicated EMBRACE THE WORLD page.

Although the song is produced in a multi-vocal construct, Kevin's solo performance on the Six O’Clock Show (Virgin Media) and at the Aviva Stadium for key Irish autism advocates including Adam Harris, Stefanie Preissner and Dervla Burke, began its journey to the public.

Described by MusicNGear as “soaring and symphonic”, the supergroup arrangement features vocal styles such as folk, hard rock and musical theatre, which in Kevin’s words “is designed to aurally reflect the spectrum of Autism as a diagnosis.” 

Kinsale Halloween Parade 2022

The committee is back in action for next year.

Write to us directly if you wish to offer support, join the committee, have an idea, or want to help steward the events.


New this year!!!

6.30pm Sunday 30th October.

Kinsale Lantern Parade.

Scilly Walk. 

We gathered at The Spaniard, and walked by lantern light to St. Catherine's Cultural center for a beautiful night of stories and song. Here is an aerial shot by Jacub Walutek. We're that solid line snaking along by the water. Magic! Over 500 participants!!!

See the dedicated Season Productions Page for more about 2022, 

including the usual Halloween parade Monday 31st. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on next year’s Halloween happenings @kinsalehalloweenparade

Yvonne Coughlan's full length play, 

Hold on Tight 

is ready for production!

The where and when remains to be seen, but if you want to know more, or are interested in becoming part of the production journey, do contact us!!!

      Comedy, drama, and elements of dance theatre, depict this story of a life, told holistically, from birth to its very last breath. 

     Our main protagonist, Jack, a visual artist turned writer is in danger of losing his wife Jo to his primary quest for immortality through art. When a new friend Miguel, a dancer, introduces his own wife Maria, an academic writer, to Jack, he recognises a soulmate and a symbol of 'good' to aspire to. 

     Jack and Maria are uniquely bonded by their artistic vision of immortality, a shared humour about death, and a need to interrogate life to its esoteric parameters, with a savage, yet beautiful, honesty. 

Changemakers has lost one of its creators.

Sadly our beautiful friend Stephen Hogan, one of the on screen narrators of this docu/drama passed away before seeing his work in this film. We will dedicate it henceforth in his memory; RIP Stephen, in loving memory. It has been a year since we lost our friend, and he was remembered at 10.30am mass Sunday 23rd October in the Church of the Resurrection, Farranree. 

Award winning unproduced script REGRET!

Regret is an award winning unproduced short film screenplay written by Yvonne Coughlan in response to an idea by her great friend and film making colleague Maurice Supple. Check out the REGRET facebook page or our Film/ Music Video web page or more about this project. Outright winner at WORLDWIDE film festivals.

"My hope for the story of this script is that it finds its way to someone, who hears its message in time to act on it, hence causing them to create a better life for themselves. That must surely be the grandest of all hopes for the writer, but I have no regrets in stating such lofty ideals." Yvonne Coughlan.

Award winning short film An Étude in Art!

"Our film goes out in the continued support of 'Cork Samaritans', with our hopes that someone who needs to, will see it at the right time, and make that call. Art is an exploration of life, just as this creator's life is an exploration of art.’ Yvonne Coughlan

Check out more of our Film/ Music Videos or Connections; Make a film in 4 days workshops.

For more about RSVP Workshops in 2023

Take link to Weekend Theatre workshops

Visit the beautiful West Cork town of Kinsale, or the fabulous cities of Thessaloniki, Greece, or Warsaw, Poland. Enjoy lunch and dinner in local restaurants Bed & Breakfast in local accommodation

*Professional video and Photographic documentation included with every package 

Film Workshops and Song Workshops also available, as well as Team Building Corporate Workshops, and School Special Workshops, each workshop is designed to specific group requirements.  Click here for link to further details.

Yvonne is excited to be working with the team at the  English Theatre Project Helene Lange Schule 

providing drama workshops, and improvised performance in Frankfurt this September. 

Dance Cork Firkin Crane

Exciting news for Dance Cork Firkin Crane, and for Ireland! Yvonne Coughlan the Chair of the DCFC Board of directors is not only delighted to be working with the new Executive Artistic Director Laurie Uprichard, but she is thrilled that her passion project Integrated Dance Cork has now begun with artistic Director Rhona Coughlan, under its new name Inclusive Dance Cork. Thanks to The Community Foundation for Ireland this new project has funding from an anonymous donor to create a training beacon for the arts and in particular the dance world that is shining brightly from Cork and out into Europe. The 2-year course is envisaged for academic years 22' and 23' has begun, and will change the landscape for all bodies in dance. 

Wishing all the new students of IDC a fantastic experience. Much gratitude to The Community Foundation for Ireland for facilitating an anonymous donor in supporting this groundbreaking new education programme in dance. Many congratulations to Artistic Director Rhona Coughlan, Coordinator Emer Casey and all the IDC faculty. IDC was created by Dance Cork Firkin Crane in partnership with Suisha Inclusive Arts- Cope Foundation, and supported by the Department of Theatre, UCC , and Cork Education and Training Board. Thanks to Tara Brandel, Yvon Bonenfant, Laurie Uprichard, Eoin Nash and the staff and board of DCFC. Exciting times in this 30th year of the home of dance!  Click the link for more on dedicated DCFC page.

Check out the new website and rebranding of 




For a direct communication with Chair of the Board of Directors, Yvonne Coughlan, Email rsvpireland@gmail.com   

National Campaign for the Arts (NCFA) Cork South West.

Check out the National Campaign for the Arts on our NCFA page.

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    The American Golden Picture IFF
  • "A homage paid to the greatest era of the silent movie cinema, Yvonne's work combines the sepia toning with the black and white (and sometimes some bluish tones) to recreate the ..."
    Wallachia International Film Festival
In a period of time when the arts seemed to be withering I was so delighted to be offered such a different and inventive chance... More companies should be thinking of productions in this manner. Thank you everyone for such a unique experience.I loved it! ! 
17 Sept. 2020 Stephen Wyley. Actor. RSVP Presents...
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