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The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. 

Exciting news for Firkin Crane, and for Cork. Yvonne Coughlan the Chair of the FC Board of directors is not only looking forward to working with the new Executive Artistic Director Laurie Uprichard, but to starting the research and development for Integrated Dance Cork this September. Thanks to The Community Foundation for Ireland this new project has funding from an anonymous donor to create this training beacon for the arts and in particular the dance world that is shining brightly from Cork and out into Europe. 

Embrace the world.

Kinsale Arts Weekend July 2021 saw the premiere of

Before we say Goodbye 


Pauline O'Driscoll and Paschal O'Leary

RSVP Presents... Before we say goodbye written and directed by Yvonne Coughlan, 7pm Thurs. 8th and Friday 9th July, Live at the Drive-In. 

This one-act 45 minute play was completed by the author the year the world changed, because she was grounded, all flights cancelled, and therefore focused on projects that could be developed from home. The themes of the play also relate to major life changes for our two characters, Elizabeth and Jim, therefore they too can relate to The Year the World Changed. For them it is not Pandemic related, as they are set in a pre-covid time at an airport facing their own challenges. 

Elizabeth has accepted her regrets, as the final chapter of life, until a hilarious and enigmatic stranger, in an airport lounge, challenges her to escape to a world where a chance conversation becomes an epic, life-changing, love story.

Pauline O’Driscoll is best known on screen as Mary, opposite Pat Shortt in TV3’s IFTA nominated Smalltown, and as Maureen, opposite Moe Dunford & Rosaleen Linehan, in the award winning short film, Pat. Her recent theatre work includes two audio dramas for the Everyman’s Play it by Ear season; her “excellent performance” in Gaitkrash Theatre Co's production of Kaite O’Reilly's Cosy directed by Philllip Zarrilli at Cork Midsummer Festival; and Seven ages of Mam, nominated for Best New Play at Brighton Fringe Festival 2019, which she co-wrote and solo-performed to rave reviews. Though this new character, Elizabeth is older than her in years, Pauline’s performance of her is mesmerising, and truly contextualises the demented sensibilities of this newly awakened woman.

Paschal O’Leary from Knocknagree in North West Cork, moved to Cork city aged 17 to make his fortune as a business man, working in sales. His success allowed him to retire at age 54. Then he was struck by an illness, that he was lucky to survive; Paschal calls this major life event his wake-up call. After decades of suppressing his emotions, he hired a life coach, joined Toastmasters, and found his way to Rebel City Drama Club. Honing his vocal and performance skills, and a comedy flair, he is now expressing myself fully, and openly, in order to give others the permission to do the same in the pursuit of a healthy life. He particularly resonates with this mysterious character he plays, and says he is Jim.

RSVP Presents... Film night! Kinsale Arts Weekend 2021 included the premiere of Changemakers, the new short docu/drama.

Award winning unproduced script REGRET!

Regret is an award winning unproduced short film screenplay written by Yvonne Coughlan in response to an idea by her great friend and film making colleague Maurice Supple.  Our latest selection is at Best Global Shorts. Check out the REGRET facebook page or our Film/ Music Video web page or more about this project. Outright winner of film festival competitions across the world from Australia to China and India.

"My hope for the story of this script is that it finds its way to someone, who hears its message in time to act on it, hence causing them to create a better life for themselves. That must surely be the grandest of all hopes for the writer, but I have no regrets in stating such lofty ideals." Yvonne Coughlan.

Award winning short film An Étude in Art!

So excited to see how our award winning film does at Wallachia International Film Festival in Romania this August and The New York City IO Festival Festival

"Our film goes out in the continued support of 'Cork Samaritans', with our hopes that someone who needs to, will see it at the right time, and make that call. Art is an exploration of life, just as this creator's life is an exploration of art.’ Yvonne Coughlan

Check out more of our Film/ Music Videos or Connections; Make a film in 4 days workshops.

WORKSHOP 26-29 March 2020 cancelled due to Pandemic/ RSVP and FIX in ART HUB look forward to making 2022 plans

For more about RSVP Workshops in 2022

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Visit the beautiful West Cork town of Kinsale, or the fabulous cities of Thessaloniki, Greece, or Warsaw, Poland. Enjoy lunch and dinner in local restaurants Bed & Breakfast in local accommodation

*Professional video and Photographic documentation included with every package 

Film Workshops and Song Workshops also available, as well as Team Building Corporate Workshops, and School Special Workshops, each workshop is designed to specific group requirements.  Click here for link to further details.

European Capital of Culture
Elevis 2023! We're going back to GREECE!

Plus the European Parliament agreed on the European Commission's proposal to postpone the holding of the title of European Capital of Culture for Timișoara to 2023. 

We can't wait to share the news...

Firkin Crane First Friday Monthly Meetings (Zoom)

Moments of Wisdom is the pilot programme for a new Firkin Crane initiative created and hosted by the Chair of the Board Yvonne Coughlan. In this instance an established artist or dance industry professional is engaged in a structured conversation, programmed for 30 minutes of the regular monthly forums. The idea is to provide new or emerging artists with the opportunity to connect with someone, who has already traversed the difficulties of becoming established as an expert in their field. The project began 2 April with Maria Nillsen Waller & Stace Gill (see Firkin Crane page for video link); this was followed on 7 May with Dr. Breandán de Gallaí and 2 July Catherine Young.

Forums also included mini colloquia by Firkin Crane ReFramed Bursury artists this began with Sara Hernandez, with her collaborators Ilse de Ziah and Valeria Vendetti; and was followed by Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín most recently. On 6 August Anne Maher or Ballet Ireland will be the Moments of Wisdom guest, and our mini colloquium will be for Cormac Mohally of Circus Factory. 

If you have a topic to suggest for Moments of Wisdom, or for meeting agendas, or to register for meetings, please contact the Dance Administrator Andrea Stapleton E: dance@firkincrane.ie
Next up TOWN HALL MEETING: On a quarterly basis the Firkin Crane are inviting all Dance professionals and Dance and Movement Artists, as well as, ​T​heatre ​M​akers, and ​Community ​M​embers interested in the Venue, to join the online meeting forum, for a discussion of the National agenda, and organisational updates.
For a direct communication with the current Chair or the Board of Directors, Yvonne Coughlan, email rsvpireland@gmail.com   

National Campaign for the Arts (NCFA) Cork South West.

€25m additional funding announced for arts sector 

( Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 )


Check out the National Campaign for the Arts on our NCFA page.

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  • "The film 'An Etude in Art' is a very creative project... The Cinematographer has taken interesting shots. The lead actress Aislinn Hegarty and the supporting role Ciara Morrin w..."
    The American Golden Picture IFF
  • "A homage paid to the greatest era of the silent movie cinema, Yvonne's work combines the sepia toning with the black and white (and sometimes some bluish tones) to recreate the ..."
    Wallachia International Film Festival
In a period of time when the arts seemed to be withering I was so delighted to be offered such a different and inventive chance... More companies should be thinking of productions in this manner. Thank you everyone for such a unique experience.I loved it! ! 
17 Sept. 2020 Stephen Wyley. Actor. RSVP Presents...
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