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EMAIL: dance@firkincrane.ie

Monthly online meetings.

Join FIRKIN CRANE on the first Friday of each month 12.30pm-2.30pm. 

General updates and announcements from Firkin Crane board and management. 

Opportunities to take a 10 minute slot for presentation of work/ work in progress/ or general discussion on your work as an artist.

Mini-Colloquia by the Firkin Crane ReFramed Bursury artists.

Moments of Wisdom is the pilot programme for a new Firkin Crane initiative. In this instance the Chair of the Board, Yvonne Coughlan engages an established artist or dance industry professional in a structured conversation, programmed for 30 minutes of the regular monthly forums. The idea is to provide new or emerging artists with the opportunity to connect with someone, who has already traversed the difficulties of becoming established as an expert in their field.  Maria Nilsson Waller & Stace Gill-April, Dr. Breandán de Gallaí-May, Catherine Young-July, Anne Maher-August, Chantal McCormick-November

Open forum programmed every second month, which means open agenda section for discussion of anything you wish to bring to the forum.

Town Hall meeting on a quarterly schedule-bringing in a more National agenda, or for interrogation of major organisational strategic proposals.

Maria Nillsen Waller and Stace Gill. Moments of Wisdom 1. 2 April, 2021.

Firkin Crane has joined the RAISE Academy

The RAISE initiative aims at building capacity to generate significant new private investment including philanthropic investment. 

National Forum 3rd July 2020. Zoom meeting. 11am-1pm.

Firkin Crane Town Hall (Zoom Meeting)

Friday 19 June 2020; 11am - 12.30pm

Calling all Dance professionals and Dance and Movement Artists in Cork and Munster. The Board and executive of Firkin Crane invite you to a board facilitated meeting to present our proposed organisational restructuring discussions for Firkin Crane, our proposed sectoral supports and engagements for 2020, and our plans for re-opening.

We'd love to hear feedback on our plans, and understand further what Firkin Crane can do to support contemporary dance practice in Cork and beyond, both through this current crisis and into the future.

Register for your place at the meeting by emailing rsvpireland@gmail.com


Dancer Lee Barrett was keeping spirits up while stuck at sea, and made this video at the suggestion of Chair of the Board of Directors of Firkin Crane following the message of his plight being brought to the boards attention by Director Patricia Crosbie. Yvonne followed up with Lee on his case and helped to promote his situation on behalf of Firkin Crane

Many thanks to the department of foreign affairs for working to get our boy home where he belongs! All at Firkin Crane are delighted to have been in a position to offer support to the dancer.

Many thanks to all Opinionline on 96fm and Evening Echo for support. See RSVP links page for more detail on this coverage.