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Connections; Make a Film in 4 Days. A workshop based creative film making process by RSVP.

We all mourn our documentary in The Gathering-RSVP project (2013)

Check out Inflightflix International for production work on promotional shorts by Yvonne Coughlan.

Inset Rosemary Shanahan, Maurice Supple and Niccolo Anzuini. Pic.  Niamh O'Flynn

Embrace the World. Artist Kevin Walsh. August. 2022.

See Embrace the World dedicated page to learn more about the journey of this RSVP video creation.


Regret was written by Yvonne Coughlan in response to an idea by her great friend and film making colleague Maurice Supple.  This short film screenplay is an emotional father-son story of life’s colourful, passionate highs and its black and white lows; you see the gut punch coming, but it still catches your breath. The script is currently on its festival journey, and has won Best Unproduced Short Script/ Screenplay at Golden Sparrow International Film Festival,  Tamil Nadu and Crown Wood International Film Festival, West Bengal, Hong Kong Indie Film Festival, and Sydney Indie Film Festival  as well as, received a Special Jury Award at Indo French International Film Festival and Gona Film Awards.

Regret was nominated as a finalist for Best Short Script at Rome Independent Prisma Awards and was also a Finalist at  Best Script Awards, London.

"My hope for the story of this script is that it finds its way to someone, who hears its message in time to act on it, hence causing them to create a better life for themselves. That must surely be the grandest of all hopes for the writer, but I have no regrets in stating such lofty ideals."                                                                                                                                                                                              Yvonne Coughlan.

An Étude in Art

Winner of 3 Best Film awards, 2 Best Director Awards, 2 Best Cinematography Awards, and awards for Best Costume, Best Supporting Actress as well as Honorable mentions in Best Ensemble and Music Categories as well as countless screenings internationally.

In this experimental short film, 
An Étude in Art, the characters of the struggling writer, the student dancer and the famous musician are reflections of the artist's dreams and fears, and the refractions of memories within a dream. This predominantly black and white film, created as a response to its score Liszt/Paganini - Étude No. 6 "Tema e Variazioni" in A minor, explores the artist's objectives and desires. The art of silent film is saluted as the predecessor of this digital age, by including it as a trope, as well as the creative vehicle for presentation of its several storylines. The inherent frustrations in the creation of art is the all-encompassing theme.

Check out our Connections page to learn more about this workshop based process in filmmaking. 

Life after Lockdown

Dreaming of life after lock-down. Inflightflix International. DOP/Edit Maurice Supple (Blue Shed Productions). Creative Producer Yvonne Coughan.  Music  THE 4 OF US | River Flows (Radio Mix)

42. 3 Friends-Dir. Michael Moody Culpepper 2016

Casting director: Yvonne Coughlan/ RSVP

Line Producer: Yvonne Coughlan

3 Friends, a dramatic short film based on a short story written by one of Ireland's greatest living writers, Colm Tóibín; Three Friends is a tale of death and life cleverly constructed as a diptych. Set in Ireland, the film opens in a funeral home as our protagonist FERGUS sits with his mothers body. 

(Inset Michael-David McKernan-FERGUS ) Fergus and his siblings attend the funeral, burial and wake for their mother, grieving and commemorating her life between the funeral home and the pub, as is the story of life and death in Ireland. Then the story turns on the hinge of this diptych, and Fergus returns to Dublin where he celebrates being truly alive at an all-night beach rave, and indulges in a strong sexual attraction to his good friend MICK. Fergus ends the film where he began: alone in a room with another persons body, but this one very much alive and eager.  This is a love story, which expands to include the universal questions of life and death, and examines the sacred and the profane within in its gentle, yet explosive, journey.  

Director Michael Culpepper comes at film from a unique background where architecture meets the art of film, and Producer Nikki Draper a filmmaker from Stanford University and now a lecturer living in Singapore has worked with her good friend Mike for many years. Their best known film feature-length documentary is Bachelor Farmer. This movie, about rural gay farmers in the US state of Idaho, premiered in New York, was invited to screen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of their annual Documentary Fortnight program, and aired on MTV/LOGO. Michael is also well-known for his innovative multi-screenfilms which exhibit in galleries and festivals around the US.  His most recent experimental short film screened at 39 Rooms, Sun Valley Film Festival.   
Michael-David McKernon playing FERGUS is a most sought after young actor, when we met him he had recently wrapped on the 1916 Rising film 'Mother' with Brick By Stone Productions and would soon be starting rehearsals for 'Olympia' in The New Theatre. Since then he has become an award winning director himself with 'Halo.' 
Shane Lennon (inset) a Lir performing arts student promises award winning surprises on the screen. 

All at RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) are delighted for the award winning actor Shane Lennon! Since we met him at our Filmbase Dublin auditions for 3 Friends, his talent and good spirits won everyone over, thanks for giving our casting crew bragging rights for finding him.

We are not surprised that New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam  awarded Shane Lennon the Best supporting actor award for his role in '3 Friends.'   The Best Cinematography award, went to our DOP Dave Pimm.

Another of the players James Browne is destined to be more famous than his name and Daniel Murphy is our gentleman hidden on the body of a Rugby player. This unique group of newly made friends will blaze a trail across this screen never to be forgotten. We even have stalwarts of the Irish performance world like Shane G. Casey, his band Shush, are well remembered in Irelands Screen Test. Ros na Rúns Irish speaking fans will know Tara Breathnach, and fans of Fair city will spot Leah Egan, the two talents who play sisters to our protagonist. The crew on this short film are lead by hot new London based DOP, David Pimm, who makes this film shine, alongside the 40 strong crew, 20 cast, and hundreds of local Cork based extras, vendors, location owners, family and friends, who all worked together to make this the great short film that it is, a fitting tribute to the storyteller, Colm Tóin, and a work of art to be proud of for generations to come. 

The film also won the Grand Prize for LGBTQ Short Film at   Rhode Island International Film Festival and best Irish short at Gaze LGBT Festival.

Congratulations team Stick Pony Rodeo LLC; with Producer Nikki Draper and Executive Producer Jody Buckley in his corner, our visionary director Michael Moody Culpepper surely has many awards ahead.

40. 'The Other woman', Zizi's dream. Feb 2016.

Director: Zizi Rincolesky

Producer: Studio Brugmann Film


George Hanover, 

Seán McGillicuddy

Elizabeth Howard.

Casting Director: Yvonne Coughlan.


The focus of the film is on the return of the repressed in its disguised form; on what does not make sense in the dream. The latter can be located in the tension between the superficiality of the luxurious perfectionism of the bourgeoisie and the real, the impossible, the unbearable to look at. In the film, this tension or agony manifests itself on the body of the woman, which is marked by the scars of the contemporary self-mutilation and an outdated ecstatic fit of the 19/20th century;  both reasons for young women for being committed to psychiatric hospitals at one time in our recent history. 

The message of the acting outs, ecstasy and scarification is and was the same; to catch the gaze of the other, to break with the indifference of the household tribe. Thus in the film both actions are interchangeable, they follow one another and respond to each other, the ecstasy being like the stage that entails the visible body marks.
The sound of the film refers to the psyché, which in Greek means breath of life, or soul. Only in her deep sleep the woman's heart beats in sync with her breath, otherwise the heartbeats relate to her excitement. Thus, the breathing background guides and enables the viewer to access the psyché of the dreamer.

The installation 'the cage' symbolizes the imprisonment in the fantasy about the significant Other, about his Otherness, in the film about the Other woman who has what the woman cannot have, but 'does she want it?', or 'what is it that she wants?' The image of Jesus cannot serve as a sublimation because the position of her body during the ecstatic fit points to him, the man, who is still the sole object of her sexual desire. This force of passion is emphasised by the sound of the winds. This impossible desire and its repercussions reveal themselves in the film. Today, these ecstatic fits are still diagnosed in cultures in which women's emancipation is impossible.


The Other Woman, Zizi?s Dream directed by Zizi Rincoliski

International Film Festival for Women, Social Isues, and Zero Discrimination, Film Festival Award Winner January 2018 ; Miami Independant Film Festival, January 2018, Five Continents International Film Festival, February 2018, Global Motion Pictures Awards February 2018 ; Five Continents International Film Festival, March 2018

VooDistribution Filmfest, April 2017 ;Follow Your Dreams Film Festival, June 2017 ; Hollywood International Moving Picture (Finalist), March 2017; PiGrecoZen FilmFest, October 2017 ; Hollywood Verge Film Awards;, September 2017 ; Los Angeles Cinefest,Januar 2017 ; 1st Edition of the Expression Art Movie Film Festival, 2017 Award Winner; Aword Short Indie Film Festival; Puerto Distribution Filmfest; Festival De Cine de San Lorenzo; Chandler International Film Festival , December 2017 ; VII Visualizame; Film Festival 2017, Best Short on MovieScreenPro , 2017 : Award of Recognition  2016 Award of Recognition in IndieFest Film Awards http://theindiefest.com

Best Shorts Competition, March 2016 ; The IndieFEST Film Awards, August 2016 : Award of Recognition ; Blow-UpInternationalArthouse Film festival Chicago, Finalist; TechFest :Innovation in Technology, April 2016 ; Women Filmmakers, San Diego, California; Hong Kong Art House Film Festival,March 2016 ; Narrative Short Film, official selection; Laiffa Awards, official selection, Los Angeles,Febuary2016 ; Trans(m)it Festival, Philadelphia, June 2016 ; Central Florida Film Festival,April 2016; Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Allemagne, open screening; Fastnet Film Festival, Schull, Ireland, open screening; Cutting Edge Film Festival, selected for screening

35. Waltz with a Hero. Derek Ryan music video. blue shed productions. 2014

35B. Flowers in your Hair. Derek Ryan. Music Video. blue shed productions.

27. No matter where you go there you are 2011-12

An experimental performance involving film and physical theatre. A conversation about life and relocation between two women, one Australian, Jennifer Williams, based in Ireland, and one Irish, Cathie Clinton, based in Australia. 75 minutes.

See Previous Work page for details

(Inset Cathie foreground, Jenny on screen.)

22. Mona 2010

Mona. Short Film. Open your Eyes, Open your Lens. 1 minute. HSE competition highlighting elder abuse. 

Director Yvonne Coughlan. Mona-Alma Kickham. Daughter-Noelle O'Regan. Camera/Editor Brian Stynes.      21 Oct. 2010.

Created and filmed in a one day workshop environment. 

15B. The O'Herne Identity. 30 July 2010.

Trailer. 1 min.

Action Comedy-Short Film (22mins) directed by Yvonne Coughlan. 

Writer: Michael Linehan. 

Screenplay: Yvonne Coughlan, Michael Linehan. 

Producers: Leonard F.W. Leader, Yvonne Coughlan. DOP/Camera: Brian Stynes. Editor: Warren Bridgeman.

Shoot June 2010. Film Completed 30 July 2010.

Rebelz Picturz in association with RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) and Brian Stynes Video Production.

Inset Rene Vevera (Agent)

Starring: Emmet O Riabhaigh as Nemesis, Keith Ryan as Jack O'Herne. 


Lisa Ni Laoire as Niamh. Marcus Bale as CIA Director. Dave O'Riordan as Agent 1. Paula McGlinchey as Agent 2. 

In supporting roles: Aaron O Sullivan, Haley Bueno, Mitchell O Regan as agents. 

Noelle O'Regan and Michael Linehan as Office workers turned field agents.

In special action roles: David Barriada, Melissa Collins, Orla Devlin, Josh Byrne, Rene Vevera.

INSET: Aaron O Sullivan, Noelle O'Regan, Haley Bueno, Emmet O Riabhaigh.

Gala Night Premier was held at Crane Lane Theatre 7.30pm   8-10-10


The O'Herne Identity is 22 minutes of action comedy. Writer: Michael Linehan. Director: Yvonne Coughlan. 

A freak accident involving Chronic Masturbatory Syndrome and radioactive waste leaves our hero JACK O'HERNE with the super-human ability to shoot acid from his body. His initial ignorance of his 'lethal weapon' results in the accidental death of his girlfriend, NIAMH COLLINS.

The CIA captures him to examine his powers, but, during his incarceration, Jack hones his skills and escapes. They hire a consultant, code name NEMESIS, whose motive is to avenge the death of the love of his life, Niamh, whom his one-time friend, Jack stole. Nemesis gives the European Office of the CIA their own secret weapon, someone who knows how Jack thinks. The DIRECTOR of Operations at the Cork base refuses to let cutbacks stand in the way of capturing the target.

Jack O'Herne's whole body is declared property of the Irish Government, and this is intended to be a live capture; all agents are called in, the Cork office is prepared to resort to civilian helicopters, and co-operating with international secret intelligence services. What they don't realise is that Nemesis is not planning a live capture. Can O'Herne evade, out manoeuvre and outsmart all the assets and operatives this underfunded office, can throw at him? Will Nemesis have his revenge? Find out as you are glued to the screen by the utterly fantastic, nonsensically-delightful absurdness of it all, or by a random child with a glue gun...

14. Daddy's Little Girl. 30 July 2010.

Writer: Noelle O Regan (Inset) .

Short Film (10mins) directed by Yvonne Coughlan.  

Screenplay: Yvonne Coughlan.

Producers: Yvonne Coughlan and Noelle O Regan.

DOP: Rob Monaghan.

Editor: Warren Bridgeman.

Shoot June 2010. Film completed: 30 July 2010.

Produced by NORMYC PICS in association with RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) 

Starring: Noelle O Regan as Paula. Supporting roles: Dale Coleman as 'Dale' Connie O Regan as 'Dad'