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We create art, nurture artists, and envelop & develop community.

41. Connections: Make a film in 4 days

'Connections', invites the general public to become involved with the art of creating a short film. This practise began in 2011 by programming three workshops, which took place during art and film festivals over the course of a year. Each festival promotes the event to the local community and its patrons, and a short film is made from concept to screening. The core crew, cast and equipment are sourced in advance of the beginning date, from a pool of willing film-makers associated with the local festival/ community/ arts center and its patrons. Provision is made for a large number of participants, within the workshop style of practise. We begin with open hearts and minds, a core crew to make the film, and we work towards a finished edit for public viewing, on day four, at a time to suit the festival programme/community event/ organisers. 

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Gone with the Wind. 1939.

An Étude in Art.

An Étude in Art. Production gallery. 

In this experimental short film, An Étude in Art, the characters of the struggling writer, the student dancer and the famous musician are reflections of the artist's dreams and fears, and the refractions of memories within a dream. This predominantly black and white film, created as a response to its score Liszt/Paganini - Étude No. 6 "Tema e Variazioni" in A minor, explores the artist's objectives and desires. The art of silent film is saluted as the predecessor of this digital age, by including it as a trope, as well as the creative vehicle for presentation of its several storylines. The inherent frustrations in the creation of art is the all-encompassing theme.

  • Santa Ignace
    Santa Ignace
  • Cormac O'Connor. The Maple Rooms.
    Cormac O'Connor. The Maple Rooms.

So excited about our short film An Étude in Art!  We received a Special Jury Mention in a music category from the wonderful team at the 13th Jaipur International Film Festival, we would love to visit the pink city of India on this occasion, but we see a lot more film projects in the RSVP future. An Étude in Art had its world premiere at the 14th Waterford Film Festival, 20-23 November 2020.  Well done to all of our cast for winning an Honorable Mention for Best Ensemble Acting in a short film at The Acting Awards- January, 2021 (Los Angeles) We were also presented with a Certificate of Excellence as a finalist in Beyond the Curve International Film Festival December 24, 2020 (France) 

Then our film became a WINNER with the Award for best Silent Film at L’ AGE D’OR INTERNATIONAL ARTHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL, how delighted we were, but it didn't end there! Thanks to GONA FILM Awards we got BEST Silent Short Film, Best Cinematography (Maurice Supple) Best Supporting Actress (Ciara Morrin) and Best Female Director (Yvonne Coughlan), and then by the magic of online festivals we travel the 14,643 km from Tamil Nadu, India all the way to Brazil where the kind folks at GIMFA Gralha International Film Festival awarded us with BEST Experimental Short, Best Cinematography, Best Female Director and Best Costume Design-Special thanks to Sharon Manning, Maisie O'Connell, Lellie Collins, Emily O'Flynn, Emma Gibbons and Ciara Fitzgerald from Joan Denise Moriarty School of Dance.

"Our film goes out in the continued support of 'Cork Samaritans', with our hopes that someone who needs to, will see it at the right time, and make that call. Art is an exploration of life, just as this creator's life is an exploration of art.’ Yvonne Coughlan

Each project remains open to new participants throughout, and each day is goal oriented, with the methodologies clearly mapped out for the group; tasks are assigned according to ability, interest, or previous arrangement. The project will actively cultivate as culturally diverse a group as possible. The project is intended to unite film makers, promote film making, advance creative thinking, and encourage further engagement with the arts, all the while connecting with, and uniting, the wider community. We harness the power of creativity to generate teamwork, encourage innovative ideas and open awareness of self and our environment, and we promote the continuation of this practise by connecting the participants.

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the  world, she walks into mine."

Casablanca. 1942.


Another film created in the Connections workshop style, was Esmeralda. Commissioned through in Art productions, Greece, by Elena KOPANAROVA, Manager, Balkan Cooperations and Programmes, as well as, Supervisor, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, EEDEGE, in association with OECON GROUP Business & Development Consultants; A representative of the awareness raising conference, Employ me. 

The workshop and subsequent 3 minute film segment was themed on "Fighting Discrimination and Anti-Gypsyism in Education and Employment in the EU" for PAL.eu and shown at the conference in 2017. 

Esmeralda. 4.19mins. 

This project directly involves the creation of work developed through a collaborative process; and the presentation of that work. Within a functional, flexible and inspiring team, individual skills are respected and supported so that all are motivated to move to ever increasing levels of excellence. A constantly evolving environment of increasing productivity within a secure framework of proven procedures meets the artistic challenges involved. The ambition of the project is balanced with the proven track record of the company. The quality of the engagement between film-makers and participants is considered in the pre-production planning, the film-making, and the subsequent evaluation of work; audience feedback as well as participant discussion is programmed. The intensely creative process provides skills and promotes long-term artistic responses.

"My Mamma always said, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

Forrest Gump. 1994

Zoom In.

A behind the scenes blooper reel, from rehearsal and pre-production.
Fun times at Fix in Art.

3 in 1.

Connections 5-A real woman-Created at Fix In Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.  24-28 February. Production still.

A Film in 4 Days documentary by Ironman productions. 6.37mins.

Pic. Keenan Hadley. Inset Semih Gonen. Greece.

Gallery from Fix in Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Alexandra Petri. Elli Zafiridou. Natalija Veceric
    Alexandra Petri. Elli Zafiridou. Natalija Veceric
  • Maxime Jeune.Elli Zafiridou. David Ramos Roncero.
    Maxime Jeune.Elli Zafiridou. David Ramos Roncero.
  • Christos Kıssàs. Fix in art.
    Christos Kıssàs. Fix in art.
  • Evanthia (Evita) Stavrou
    Evanthia (Evita) Stavrou
  • Filip Vasilev and Yvonne Coughlan
    Filip Vasilev and Yvonne Coughlan
  • Alexandra Pertri. Daniel Okolapka
    Alexandra Pertri. Daniel Okolapka
  • Daniel Okolapka
    Daniel Okolapka
  • Lina Zina
    Lina Zina
  • Prop.
  • Semih Gonen.
    Semih Gonen.
  • Semih Gonen.
    Semih Gonen.
  • Sound editing.Lina Zina.Ruggero(Rino)Maffione
    Sound editing.Lina Zina.Ruggero(Rino)Maffione
  • Location.
  • Carmen Russo
    Carmen Russo
  • Sarah Gardner
    Sarah Gardner
  • Young PETROS Sotiris Papalexis. MAMMA Lina Zina. PAPPA Chrístos Kissás
    Young PETROS Sotiris Papalexis. MAMMA Lina Zina. PAPPA Chrístos Kissás
  • Young PETROS Sotiris Papalexis. MAMMA Lina Zina. PAPPA Chrístos Kissás
    Young PETROS Sotiris Papalexis. MAMMA Lina Zina. PAPPA Chrístos Kissás
Alexandra Petri. Elli Zafiridou. Natalija Veceric
Alexandra Petri. Elli Zafiridou. Natalija Veceric

Eyes Clear.

Eyes Clear. 9.27 mins. Fix In Art, Thessaloniki, Greece. 20-23 January

"Carpe diem. Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary." 

Dead Poets Society. 1989

Let me Go.

Let me Go. 4min. Mutant shorts. diyCork. 2012

"Nobody puts baby in a corner."  

Dirty Dancing. 1987.

Dear Mum.

  • Dear Mum. 7mins. Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival 26th-29th May 2011

Brotherly Love. 

Brotherly Love. Kinsale arts week. Pic. Niamh O'Flynn

Brotherly Love.
(Inset) Robert Galvin.
The Dog Project-Tom Campbell Art.
Pic Niamh O'Flynn.

  • Brotherly Love. 11 mins. Kinsale Arts Week 11th-14th July 2011 

Elusive Memories.

Elusive Memories. 8.40 mins. Trash Culture Revue 5th-8th May 2011

Early in 2011 RSVP set out to make three short films in three festivals in County Cork each on made in four days from concept to screening, and open to full participation from the public. Each film had a documentary crew, who followed the process of making each film. This is the compilation of the documentaries and the films themselves.

Connections Documentary. 47 mins. Editor Moira O'Brien.

"You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow" 
To Have and Have not. 1945.