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RSVP; theatre, film, events, workshops.

We create art, nurture artists, and envelop & develop community.

[Professional and community applications invited-Pay commensurate with experience, or profit share.] 

3 short plays/ 30 minute slot for Kinsale Arts Weekend 6pm, 10th (& possibly 11th) July. Outdoor stage.

Email rsvpireland@gmail.com for sides. See further info below.

(Image John Allen)

RSVP presents three short plays. We begin with life’s philosophical meanderings through, 6 minutes to Wonderland; then explore the passions of love lost with, Unfinished Portrait; and finally, hope conquers fear in the monologue performance, With Love. Written and Directed by Yvonne Coughlan. Producer Carol McNamara. Art Director Liz Lynch.


CERYS (Playing age 20-35)

Cerys is a woman who has written a love letter, but is terrified about sending it, as this act will open her up to one of our greatest fears in life, rejection, but hope conquers fear and love prevails.

STEPHANIE (Playing age 20-35)

Stephanie is a hardworking young woman who lives with her n’ere do well brother, a philosophy student, who is as busy with party life as he is with his theories of life. He takes drastic measures to bring his sister into his meandering thought processes, by serving her magic mushroom tea. We leave our audience to process this dastardly act as they may.

GISELLE (Playing age 30-40)

Giselle is a successful artist, whose photographer, for the current photo shoot being witnessed by our audience, for a worldwide distribution of her work, turns out to be the lover she lost just as her career had begun. They both struggle with their memories of a love affair, and this professional situation that neither is prepared for is where the audience meet the duo.


JACOB (Playing age 20-30)

Jacob is a philosophy student, living with his sister, Stephanie, who is essentially the bread winner for the family. Jacob’s life is busy with parties and girlfriends, and self-indulgent sophistry, which his sister has no time for. Jacob takes drastic action, to induce his sister to experience his world by serving her magic mushroom tea. We leave our audience to process this dastardly act as they may.

SOLOMON (Playing age 30-40)

Solomon is a highly sought after professional photographer. He is hired by a PR company to create a photoshoot for a new client, who turns out to be his ex-lover. The relationship ended badly, but the love may still be there. They both struggle with their memories of a love affair, and this professional situation that neither is prepared for is where the audience meet the duo.

Please note this is for a live performance in Kinsale 6pm July 10th (& possibly 11th), and while we will provide accommodation where an overnight stay is required on 10th July, we are most likely to favour locally based actors, given the current restrictions and compliances required. 

Please email rsvpireland@gmail.com and you will be asked to supply a recorded audition for each role by 6pm Thurs. 25th June, based on the supplied sides. Include a 200 word BIOGRAPHY, HEADSHOT and CV.

Callbacks may be required. Final decisions Monday 29th June.

General call.

Send in your headshot and CV at any time and ask to be added to our database for performance work; Dancers; Models; Singers; Actors; Circus performers; Magicians, whatever your talent we may at some point require your skills.

Make sure to save your headshot file as:


Emails to rsvpireland@gmail.com

Voice-Over artists.

If you are a voice-over artist please send on your 30 second audio file audition piece. Payment details and full job description available in advance.

Email rsvpireland@gmail.com

Currently seeking specific languages and accents below from NATIVE SPEAKERS

Californian accent 






Cllr. Kieran McCarthy's Community Talent Competition

Here are some of the team at the 2019 launch. We've been going since 2009 and this event has become a strong and vibrant event in the Cork calendar. Each year the team is strengthened not only by wonderful volunteers, but by the return of our talented young people as mentors to those who come after them. Our event is more than a competition, it is an opportunity to learn, to share, to express, to explore and to support, and be supported, within a creative community. Professional and amateurs together make the magic and realise the potential. If you're an arts professional looking to give back, or a community member looking to pay it forward                                                                                                                                     Join us!

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it!

AUDITIONS McCarthy's Community Talent Competition postponed...

Venue: Lifetime Lab, Lee Road.

Time: 10am-4pm.

Date: TBC for 2020


All school going children. Primary and Secondary categories. 


Final held in Firkin Crane

For further information contact Yvonne: 0868764685, rsvpireland@gmail.com 

or check out the Facebook Page

2013 audition call. Film by Blue Shed Productions.