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Quotes In a period of time when the arts seemed to be withering I was so delighted to be offered such a different and inventive chance to perform. From start to finish Yvonne was professional and accommodating, and made everything possible with her dedication, grit, and sense of humor! I enjoyed the whole experience immensely. I met a wonderful actor Caoifhionn, a joy to act with, and together, we got to work with a new form of acting - DISTANCE. The production itself and the way it was set up showed wonderful ingenuity and proves where there is a will there is a way. More companies should be thinking of productions in this manner. Thank you everyone for such a unique experience.I loved it! ! 17 Sept. 2020 Quotes
Stephen Wyley
Actor. RSVP Presents at Kinsale Arts Weekend.

Quotes "It was a joy to work with Yvonne on the Cork Martial Arts Promotions Awards night (C-MAP). In fact, I can't call it 'work' because Yvonne and her team had planned and then executed the ceremony with absolute professionalism. No stone was left unturned in her quest for perfection. I know from TV that we are told never to work with kids and animals! Yvonne's team had no such problem with her young Martial Arts battalion. Congratulations to all." Bibi- Wellness Consultant, Public Speaking Tutor and Motivational Speaker.. Former TV Presenter. Dec. 2018. Quotes
BiBi Baskin

Quotes I have had the pleasure of working with Yvonne on several projects over the last few years. She is a total professional and I would highly recommend her for her organizational skills, her productivity and the level of passion she brings to any project, artistic or financial. She is a wonderful ally and I would be hard pushed to find anybody else on the planet that I would prefer to work with. January 28, 2018 Quotes
Maurice Supple
Creative Director InFlightFlix

Quotes In her work at Irish Radio International, Yvonne consistently delivers on her ability to produce, manage and motivate extraordinary talent worldwide. Finding the best people and getting the best out of them are two distinct skills that require considerable ability to execute simultaneously; Yvonne manages this on a weekly basis, at IRI presenting a 2 hour programme on arts and culture with multiple guest and performances around the globe. Her organisation, coordination and production skills are a strong indicator of the capabilities she displays at RSVP. October 12, 2017 Quotes
Ciaran Irwin
Managing Director Irish Radio International

Quotes "I was interviewed by Yvonne as a segment for Irish Hearts, the arts show on Irish Radio International. She's a funny, informed and laidback presenter who quickly puts her guests at ease - no mean feat in terms of remote - phone or Skype - conversations where you have to be quick-thinking to make it sound natural. I look forward to hearing much more of her arts broadcasting in the future. " Writer, VO Artist, Performer, Workshop Leader, Casting Director. October 9, 2017 Quotes
Nick McGinley
Writer, VO Artist, Performer, Workshop Leader

Quotes My professional connection to Yvonne Coughlan began at when we worked together at a theatre seminar in Latvia. Her intensity and inventiveness made her stand out among the impressive group of international participants. We maintained our connection after I returned to California and continued to find ways to interact artistically across the miles. At one point she took my short play The Rehearsal and produced a highly original and successful presentation of it as an 8 hour pub installation in Kinsale Arts Festival [week]. When Yvonne published a Request For Proposals for her project The Gathering-RSVP festival in Cork, 2013, I jumped at the opportunity to work with this creative artistic director again. Her participation in my modern dance/theatre work We All Mourn, both as producer and performer, made the artistic experience a resounding success. The entire experience is a cherished memory and I would welcome any chance to work with her again. Quotes
Martin A. David
Theatre practitioner/actor/ dancer/ director/ writer.

Quotes Yvonne Coughlan and RSVP took part in the 2011 Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival. Their mission was to write, shoot and edit a short film in the four days of the festival, and to present the finished film on the final evening. The end result showed a great appreciation and understanding of the process, particularly the inevitable technical difficulties that can arise from severe restrictions of time and budget. We enjoyed having them around...they arrived, took over their space and got on with it. I would have no hesitation in recommending RSVP for their drive, their enthusiasm and their professionalism. Quotes
Maurice Seezer
Artistic Director & Chairman, CFSFF 2012

Quotes The film 'An Etude in Art' is a very creative project... The Cinematographer has taken interesting shots. The lead actress Aislinn Hegarty and the supporting role Ciara Morrin were strong in their performances... Overall 'An Etude in Art' is a nicely done and a successful experimental short musical film that is interesting to watch with great performances, beautiful dancing and wonderful music. It attracts the attention of the audience to watch it through. Well Done! and Congratulations. December 2020 Quotes
The American Golden Picture IFF

Quotes A homage paid to the greatest era of the silent movie cinema, Yvonne's work combines the sepia toning with the black and white (and sometimes some bluish tones) to recreate the evolution of color in films, panning from the classical monochrome aspect, to the panchromatic lenses used in the late 1920s and ending with a digital, colored shot. Using as the score a very powerful Liszt composition, the actors (Aislinn Hegarty, Stephen Hogan, Kevin Walsh- to name a few) express their emotions in a rhythmic manner correlated to the short's atmosphere. Maurice Supple, the cinematographer, carefully uses the light in order to obtain the best expressions from the cast, being (alongside the editor David Leen) responsible for creating this beautiful short film in terms of the technical aspects. 29/01/2021 Quotes
Wallachia International Film Festival

Quotes The opportunity to work with Yvonne and everyone at RSVP who made the Three Plays at Kinsale Arts Weekend possible was nothing short of a gift. In such uncertain times that seem so endless, I really can't describe my joy and sense of gratitude toward being offered a role and experience that, despite the subject matter of Six Minutes to Wonderland, was so refreshingly lighthearted. Stephen Wyley put it beautifully in rehearsals when he said, and I'm paraphrasing, that it was such a unique moment in history to be a part of, being able to perform in the midst of a global microbiological crisis, and it's an experience I'll cherish throughout my career. Yvonne was a dream to have as a director who gave me the perfect blend of her own insights and the confidence and reassurance of how my personal truth as the character was enough to achieve the performance. 17 Sept. 2020. Quotes
Tadhg O'Rourke
Actor. RSVP Presents at Kinsale Arts Weekend.
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