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RSVP; theatre, film, events, workshops.

We create art, nurture artists, and envelop & develop community.

We are all connected!

We all mourn. Irish Hearts; The Gathering-RSVP. 16 mins. Video documentary. Aug 2013.

We all Mourn choreographed by Martin A. David is the part of Irish HeARTS that we feel took us on the greatest and grandest journey. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s 1969 book, On Death and Dying, and the five stages of grief outlined-denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance- was part of the construction of this contemporary dance installation. Live performances Cork and Kinsale. Video Documentary. 16mins. DOP/Edit Maurice Supple. We all mourn. Irish HeARTS; The Gathering-RSVP. Aug 2013.
(Image from We all Mourn. Pic. John Allen)

RSVP is very proud to call itself a Cork company and represents that pride in its name.  

The name Red Sandstone Varied Productions is based on several factors; The belief that the negative experiences we have in life should be forgotten quickly, just as writing in the sand is blown away in the light of the sun, recalled only for the lessons learned; and that the good things in life should be written in stone, allowing our happiest memories to sooth us in times of grief; Sandstone is the bedrock of Cork; Red the colour associated with the rebel county; and varied are the fruits of our creativity.


Email us at rsvpireland@gmail.com 

RSVP promotes the social benefits to be had from participation in the arts, and includes a wide range of amateur, semi-professional and community work in its professional remit; Exploring film and stage in their constantly creative drive towards excellence in art. Personal development, social cohesion and community empowerment are supported within the company's ideology and planning. RSVP love the traditional stage, but can create theatre anywhere, and have co-created many arts participatory projects in short film and theatre, site specific theatre projects, community arts projects, musical theatre, short films, music videos, and advertising shorts. Site specific, physical, interactive theatre is our area of special interest. Work has been performed in Scotland, Australia, Ireland, and Greece. RSVP has been creating theatre since 2006, and short film since 2010, focusing on new writing and/or experimental methodology, within a proven and reliable professional framework. You can rely on RSVP to get it done, with artistic integrity and financial viability. 


We can create theatre anywhere. You give us the idea, or the building and we do the research and creative planning. Together we can present your project, your premises, your community, or your business in a new and innovative way.


Inset Kratos. Pic. John Allen.


Charity, Community, Corporate, Private- Tailored to your special requests.


*Our annual performance arts participation event for schoolchildren; McCarthy's Community Talent Competition. 

*Garden of Imagination; our arts participation project for festivals. This facilitated performance space allows people of all ages to either show or perform their art, or remain part of the audience. Contact us to make it work for your festival.


Promotional films, music videos, short films and documentary films have been created in conjunction with associate companies; contact us and we will produce what and who you need, for your production.

See Film/ Music Video page for our work in casting and production of short films, art film and work with associate companies in promotional shorts, music videos and documentary.

(Pic. John Allen. Inset Maurice Supple, Yvonne Coughlan.)

                                                                                                                                               Derek Ryan-Flowers in your hair in association with Blue Shed Productions. 


1. Performance workshop; Improvisation and theatre

2. Connections; Make a film in 4 Days

3. Harmony; Song Creation Workshop


1A Adults age 16+. 1B age 5-10. 1C. age 11-19 1D. Professional actors-Adult

Training in:

  • drama, voice, improvisation, performance, team building, social and communication skills.

4. Schools/Community Groups/Festivals

  • specifically tailored for schools, as an innovative interactive teaching tool.
  • 2 hour, half day, or full day for groups and festivals. Themed to your requirements. 
  • 1,2 & 3. Community workshops- All ages; adult and children

5. Corporate

  • team building and customer relations half days, full days, 2 hour rapid action pack, or weekends tailored for your company. Training in team building, social skills, communication skills, people management skills.

6. Tailored packages for private functions.

Click here for link to further details of workshops. 


(See previous work page for details of any productions or events mentioned.)


RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) 


We are all connected

Seven Jewish Children by Caryl Churchill. 11-26/3/09 Pic. Kieran McCarthy.  (Inset Richard Clare, Noelle O'Regan)

The central philosophy of this theatrical company is that we are all connected. Our practise is to treat each event as a holistic experience where producers, performers and audience are of equal importance.

No matter where you go there you are. 2011. Jennifer Williams foreground, live, Cathie Clinton on-screen. 

We strive for excellence in art, and therefore the end result is an artistic product to be proud of, but the product is not the paramount objective, the means by which we achieve our art is of equal importance. Art comes in at the heart.

We all Mourn, The Dock Beach, Kinsale, 2013. (Inset Yvonne Coughlan) Pic. John Allen.

Theatre can open up minds of all ages, to the limitless possibilities in life, and we endeavour to reach out to as many lives as possible. 

The Energy of Life, Lifetime Lab, Culture Night 2009. (Inset Noelle O'Regan)

We harness the power of performance to generate teamwork, encourage innovative ideas and open awareness of self and our environment. 

Connections; Make a film in 4 Days. Fix in Art, Thessaloniki, Greece. 2017. Pic. Keenan Hadley. Inset Semih Gonen.      

Performance is a function of our company's being, and there are no limits on the variety of our products. We provide professional theatrical productions and short films, including site specific, historical and community based performance, favouring original writing.  


RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions)